Evaluating Enigma's Data

We recognize you may want to evaluate the quality of our data before integrating it into your business processes. This page explains how you can test the data to ensure it meets your needs.

Evaluation Framework

Prior to integrating our data in production, our customers typically evaluate the data based on the following 3 criteria:

  1. Coverage

    Of the SMBs in your database, how many business profiles can be found in Enigma?

  2. Accuracy

    For the attributes you are interested in using, how accurate are they for a sample of your SMB data?

  3. Signal

    How impactful is Enigma’s data in improving your processes and driving key business outcomes?


You can evaluate Enigma’s SMB coverage by using our match endpoint or a batch append. For each business, be sure to gather the necessary inputs (at least two of business name, address, and associated person) - then simply call our Match Endpoint to check whether there’s a match. To ensure that no potential matches are missed, we encouraged using the top_n and show_non_matches parameters during the evaluation process.


Put together a sample of businesses for which you know the “true” values of the relevant attributes. Then pull Enigma’s values for those attributes using the ID Endpoint and compare.


Finally, prior to adopting our data you may want to evaluate the signal that it provides in your business processes. Enigma’s attributes provide key insights around SMB:

  • Identity & legitimacy
  • Risk & distress
  • Growth & resiliency

To evaluate how Enigma’s data can improve your business outcomes, first pull the relevant attributes from the ID Endpoint . Then, choose the right approach to demonstrate the value of the data.

Common Approaches

The most common approaches we see are (1) analysis on current customers, (2) historical backtest, and (3) operationalizing the data for a sample of businesses in production.

Data Appends and CSV Uploader

If you are technically-minded and have the resources to dedicate, we recommend evaluating our data by hitting our API directly. You can learn more about how to do so in our Businesses API guides.

We also have a handy Batch Upload feature. This tool allows you to upload a list of businesses in CSV format and then pull down any data you need from the API (no technical knowledge required).

Our Search Businesses feature allows you to search for businesses. Some of our partners evaluated Enigma's data by taking a sample of 50 businesses and simply searching and cross-referencing these businesses on the Search Businesses page.

You can also get in touch with our team and we are happy to test match rates and append premium attributes for you. We’ll facilitate a file transfer via SFTP and then ensure you obtain all the necessary data and analysis for your evaluation needs.