Our Attributes

Enigma's unique SMB data is organized into "attributes". These are thematic data points for each SMB that provide key insights about the business. This page describes how these attributes are organized and how that impacts your usage and billing.

What is an Attribute?

An attribute is a key piece of information about a business. Attributes can be as simple as website, which provides the URL of a business's webpage. An example of a more complex attribute is 'card_transactions_stability.12m.weekly_coverage_ratio' - this is the ratio of weeks with card transactions to the total number of weeks in the 12 months leading up to and including a particular end_date.

Basic vs. Premium

We've organized our business data into Basic Attributes and Premium Attributes.

Basic Attributes convey the SMB's basic profile. This is the type of information that helps you identify a business or pre-fill its information as part of an onboarding or underwriting workflow. Basic Attributes include details like firmographics and corporate registrations.

How to access Basic Attributes

Basic Attributes are returned automatically in every call to either the Match Endpoint or the ID Endpoint of our Businesses API.

Premium Attributes consist of highly differentiated business data that Enigma compiles and derives in proprietary ways. These attributes provide critical insights and signals about businesses for SMB-related workflows. They convey information around revenue, growth, resiliency, risk, and distress, among other categories. For certain transaction data attributes, historical data going back to 2017 is available. See our attribute dictionary for more information.

How to access Premium Attributes

Premium Attributes are available in the ID Endpoint of our Businesses API.


For more information about how to access premium attributes, visit the ID Endpoint page.

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