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About Enigma

At Enigma, we’re building the single, most reliable source of data on small businesses to power the future of financial services. By engineering better data from hundreds of public and third-party sources, we aim to tell the complete story of every business, so that companies of every size can access the financial services they need to grow and thrive.

Data Sources

We compile vast amounts of data from a variety of public and proprietary sources including:

  • Government records such as corporate registrations and industry-specific licenses
  • Online data platforms where businesses have a digital footprint
  • The industry’s best and most trusted third-party data vendors

These data sources are then integrated into a single, unified data asset, where we can begin to form the complete picture of each business entity.


For further reading on raw data sources, see our Data Sources page


The breadth and depth of our data sources allow us to have unparalleled coverage of card-accepting businesses in the U.S. - more than any other SMB data provider.

  • 10 million+ businesses with online and in-person card revenue data
  • 16 million+ individual business locations with card revenue data
  • 30 million+ individual business locations with identity and firmographic data

Entity Resolution

A crucial next step is to ensure that the data from each underlying source maps to the correct business. This process is called Entity Resolution, and involves cutting-edge machine learning models that match a representation of a business entity in one data source to a different representation of the same entity in another. This allows us, for example, to combine an entity’s professional license history with a raw consumer credit card transaction in a single business profile.


For more information on entity resolution, see our Entity Resolution page.

Deriving Attributes

Once entities are resolved, we derive a set of critical and highly differentiated data points on each small business in our records. We call these collections of data points “attributes”. These are the signals about a business - detailed_industry, government_contracts, business_bankruptcy, and many others - that provide key insights and drive decisions about SMBs.


For more information on attributes, see our Attribute Dictionary

Accessing Businesses Data

We’ve built a simple, easy-to-use API to access our data. Keep reading to learn how to use our Businesses API to seamlessly integrate our data into your business processes.