ID Endpoint


Enigma's ID Endpoint enables a user to retrieve specific attributes for a given business profile. The user inputs the Enigma ID they want to retrieve information from, and selects which attributes they want returned.

For technical guidance around this endpoint, see our API Reference section.

Making a request to businesses/{ID}

To make a businesses ID API request, ensure you first enter your API key by adding the following to the request header:

x-api-key: YOUR-API-KEY

Query Parameters

Attrs: Enter the desired set of attributes using this parameter. More than one attribute can be passed by using a comma (,) separated list. By default a number of basic attributes will be returned.

Lookback Months: If requesting a time series attribute (currently only the Merchant Transaction Signals attributes fall into this category), historical data going back to Jan 2017 (where applicable) is available. Set the lookback_months parameter to an integer greater than 0 to request the corresponding number of months of data. If not configured, the most recently available 1 month of data will be returned. To request the maximum number of months available set this parameter to *.


The ID endpoint requires GET requests. Use the Enigma ID obtained from the match response as a path parameter in the request.

Below is an example of a GET request to pull data on Enigma using its unique Enigma ID:

curl -X GET '
-H 'x-api-key: YOUR-API-KEY' | python -m json.tool

Below is an example response for the above request:

   "enigma_id": "B00233ee1f5e",
   "websites": [
   "names": [
           "name": "ENIGMA TECHNOLOGIES INC"
   "addresses": [
           "street_address1": "245 5TH AVE",
           "street_address2": "FL 17",
           "city": "NEW YORK",
           "state": "NY",
           "postal_code": "10016"
   "business_location_enigma_ids": [
   "data_sources": [
       "Public Web Directories",
       "Third-Party Active Business",
       "UCC Loans",
       "Corporate Registrations",
       "H1B Visa Applications",
       "Card Transactions"
"industries": [
           "classification_code": "541511",
           "classification_description": "Custom Computer Programming Services",
           "classification_type": "NAICS_2017"


Large Response Payloads

For large response payloads, the API will perform a 302 redirect to a pre-signed S3 URL.

Many popular http request libraries will perform this redirect automatically. If your implementation does not, then it is important to explicitly handle this scenario. An explicit python example to do so can be seen below.

import requests
response = requests.get('<enigma_id>', headers={'x-api-key': 'YOUR-API-KEY'}
if response.status_code == 302:
   response = requests.get(response.headers["location"]}

Try out our API in our Quick Start tool or by hitting the API directly.

Note: Enigma IDs are not persistent over time. While you may find that the Enigma IDs for many businesses and business locations do not change often, we do not guarantee that they will not change.