Corporate Registrations

The corporate registrations associated with the business or business location.

Child attributes (and data file structure):

Column NameData TypeDescriptionExample
issue_datestringIssue date of the corporate registration filing.2020-04-28
statestringTwo letter state code of the US state where the corporate registration was filed.MA
file_numberstringFile number of the corporate registration filing of the business.001435918
business_namestringBusiness name as filed on the corporate registration filing.ENIGMA TECHNOLOGIES, INC.
is_domesticstringStatus of the corporate registration filing (‘foreign’ if any state other than the home state of the business).foreign
state_jurisdictionstringState jurisdiction of the business.DE
statusstringStatus field indicating whether the corporate registration filing is active or
addressesobjectAddresses listed on the corporate registration filing for the business, along with the type of address (site/mailing/registered_agent).Street_address1: 245 5TH AVE.,
Street_address2: 17TH FLOOR,
City: New York
State: NY
Postal_code: 10016
Type: site_address

JSON Sample:

            "issue_date": "2017-04-28",
            "file_number": "001435918",
            "business_name": "ENIGMA TECHNOLOGIES, INC.",
            "is_domestic": "foreign",
            "state_jurisdiction": "DE",
            "addresses": [
                    "street_address1": "84 STATE ST",
                  "city": "BOSTON",
                  "state": "MA",
                  "postal_code": "02019"
                  "type": "registered_agent_address"
                    "street_address1": "245 5TH AVE",
                  "street_address2": "17 FLOOR",
                  "city": "NEW YORK",
                  "state": "NY",
                  "postal_code": "10016"
                  "type": "mailing_address"
                  "street_address1": "245 5TH AVE.",
                  "street_address2": "17TH FLOOR",
                  "city": "NEW YORK",
                  "state": "NY",
                  "postal_code": "10016"
                  "type": "site_address"
                  "street_address1": "245 5TH AVE.",
                  "street_address2": "17TH FLOOR",
                  "city": "NEW YORK",
                  "state": "NY",
                  "postal_code": "10016"
                  "type": "registered_business_address"


  • Business: 55%
  • Business Locations: 49%

Time structure:

  • Event stream. Each registration is an event.


  • The “lag” or “freshness” of the data depends on the state
  • New businesses are added to the Enigma data set within either 3 weeks or 6 weeks of their incorporation date (depending on the state)
    • New businesses are added within 3 weeks for 41/50 states/regions
    • New businesses are added within 6 weeks for 9/50 states/regions
  • Updates to the registration status: Each registration’s’ status is checked and updated between once a month to once every 6 months depending on the state
    • 12/50 states are on a once a month refresh timeline
    • 27/50 states are on a once every 3 month refresh timeline
    • 11/50 states are on a once every 6 months refresh timeline

Data sources:

  • The Secretary of State offices for each state or region.
    • Enigma’s product covers corporate registration from 52 of the 52 states and jurisdictions (including Washington DC and Puerto Rico).
    • However, it only has limited coverage of the following states because the Secretary of States provide only limited information: DE, OK, NV, NJ, SC, and WI.


  • Enigma shows all corporate_registrations associated with the business, ordered by recency of filing date