Corporate Registrations

The corporate registrations associated with the business or business location.

Child attributes (and data file structure):

Column NameData TypeDescriptionExample
file_numberstringFile number of the corporate registration filing of the business.0802847446
statestringTwo letter state code of the US state where the corporate registration was filed.TX
issue_datestringIssue date of the corporate registration filing.2017-10-27
business_namestringBusiness name as filed on the corporate registration filing.ENIGMA TECHNOLOGIES, INC.
registered_agentstringRegistered agent involved in the corporate registration filing.CORPORATION SERVICE COMPANY
is_domesticstringStatus of the corporate registration filing (‘foreign’ if any state other than the home state of the business).foreign
state_jurisdictionState jurisdiction of the business.DE
addressesobjectAddresses listed on the corporate registration filing for the business, along with the type of address (site/mailing/registered_agent).Street_address1: 245 Fifth Avenue,
Street_address2: 17th Fl,
City: New York
State: NY
Postal_code: 10016
Type: site_address

JSON Sample:

"file_number": "0802847446"
            "issue_date": "2017-10-27"
            "business_name": "ENIGMA TECHNOLOGIES, INC.",
            "is_domestic": "foreign",
            "state_jurisdiction": "",
            "addresses": [
                    "street_address1": "245 5TH AVE",
                  "street_address2": "FL 17",
                  "city": "NEW YORK",
                  "state": "NY",
                  "postal_code": "10016"
                  "type": "mailing_address"
                    "street_address1": "245 5TH AVE",
                  "street_address2": "17 FLOOR",
                  "city": "NEW YORK",
                  "state": "NY",
                  "postal_code": "10016"
                  "type": "site_address"
                  "street_address1": "211 E. 7TH STREET",
                  "street_address2": "SUITE 620",
                  "city": "AUSTIN",
                  "state": "TX",
                  "postal_code": "78701-3218"
                  "type": "registered_agent_address"


  • Business Locations: 42%

Time structure:

  • Event stream. Each registration is an event.


  • The “lag” or “freshness” of the data depends on the state
  • New businesses are added to the Enigma data set within either 3 weeks or 6 weeks of their incorporation date (depending on the state)
    • New businesses are added within 3 weeks for 41/50 states/regions
    • New businesses are added within 6 weeks for 9/50 states/regions
  • Updates to the registration status: Each registration’s’ status is checked and updated between once a month to once every 6 months depending on the state
    • 12/50 states are on a once a month refresh timeline
    • 27/50 states are on a once every 3 month refresh timeline
    • 11/50 states are on a once every 6 months refresh timeline

Data sources:

  • The Secretary of State offices for each state or region.
    • Enigma’s product covers corporate registration from 52 of the 52 states and jurisdictions (including Washington DC and Puerto Rico).
    • However, it only has limited coverage of the following states because the Secretary of States provide only limited information: DE, OK, NV, NJ, SC, and WI.


  • Enigma shows all corporate_registrations associated with the business, ordered by recency of filing date