About Enigma

Enigma is building the single, most reliable source of data on U.S. businesses. Our goal is to deliver the most actionable intelligence on the health and identity of every U.S. business.

This documentation site is designed to help you learn more about Enigma’s products and how to integrate them. This page is designed to give you a very quick overview of the docs site, with links to take you to places to learn more.

The Data Structure

Enigma has a profile for nearly every business in the U.S. Each profile contains various attributes about that business’s identity and health.

Enigma also has a profile for each location that is associated with the business. These profiles are called business locations.

When you are requesting attributes about a business, you can specify if you want to know information about the business as a whole, or about a specific business location of that business.

If you are specifically interested in fulfilling KYB and identity needs, Enigma also has a KYB endpoint purpose built for solving KYB needs.

Accessing the Data

You can access Enigma’s data in four ways:

  1. The Enigma API
  2. Batch Append
  3. File Delivery
  4. Search User Interface

Getting Started

You can start exploring Enigma’s data by creating a free account through our console.

Non-technical users can explore Enigma’s data through the business search feature.
Technical users can find an API key in the console as well.