Online Revenue Share

Whether a business’s revenue is mostly online, offline, or roughly equal across both channels

Child attributes (and data file structure):

Column NameData TypeDescriptionExample
online_revenue_sharestringThe online revenue share attribute can take on three values:

1) Mostly online (>75%): an estimated >75% of total card revenue is from online sales.

2) Mostly offline (<25%): an estimated <25% of total card revenue is from online sales.

3) Online and offline (25%-75%):
an estimated 25%-75% of total card revenue is from online sale;

If the value is null, this business had fewer than 30 transactions during the latest 12m period.
Mostly online (>75%)

~6 million businesses have online_revenue_share tag based on the last 12 months of card revenue

Time structure:
Revenue breakdown of the latest trailing twelve month from the end_date

Enigma refreshes this attribute once a month

Data sources:

  • Enigma’s credit card panel
  • Firmographics information from public information, such as corporate registrations, and third-party sources

Enigma looks at what percentage of transactions for a given business occurred at a known physical location vs. the transactions that appear to have occurred on online channels

Other notes and tips:
This feature is only applicable to businesses, not business locations