Associated People

The people associated with the business or business location.

Child attributes (and data file structure):

Column NameData TypeDescriptionExample
namestringThe full name of the person associated with the business or business location.HICHAM OUDGHIRI
titlestringThe title(s) that explain the person’s relationship to the business.CEO, Officer

JSON Sample:

"associated_people": [
            "name": "HICHAM OUDGHIRI",
            "titles": [
            "name": "OUDGHIRI HICHAM",
            "titles": [


  • Business: 44%
  • Business Locations: 44%

Time structure:

  • Current point in time. No historical information.

Data sources:

  • Secretary of State corporate registration filings
  • Third-party verification services
  • Public online business directories


  • Enigma shows all associated people, ordered by their prevalence across underlying data sources and by their number of titles relating to the business.

Other notes and tips:

  • The first value(s) for businesses are most helpful for identifying the business owner(s), managers and other central positions.
  • The value(s) for business locations may pertain to business owners, and or managers specific to that operating location.