Ecommerce Flag

Whether a merchant has an “online checkout” on their website

Time structure:
This is a point attribute—there is no time series.

Enigma refreshes the data once a month

Column NameData TypeDescriptionExample
ecommerce_flagbooleanWhether a business ever has online checkout service.1

Enigma tags >800K businesses as ecommerce merchants

Data sources:
Enigma’s credit card panel
Technologies used on company websites

Enigma tags businesses that use online payment technologies as ecommerce businesses

Enigma looks at the underlying transaction data for indicators that an online payment technology was involved in a transaction associated with that merchant

Enigma looks at a company’s websites and identifies if there are online payment technologies in use

Other notes and tips:
You can use this feature along with other merchant transaction attributes (e.g., card_revenue, card transactions) for marketing and prospecting segmentation/prioritization.