An indication of whether a business has online payment capabilities and a way of accepting credit or debit cards online. This includes omnichannel businesses, businesses that accept cards from behind a login wall, as well as non-retail businesses. Note: to retrieve ecommerce companies that are focused on retail, filter with the industries attribute on the NAICS 44-45 industry codes.

Child attributes (and file structure):

Column NameData TypeDescriptionExample
has_online_paymentsbooleanWhether a business ever has an online payment service.True

Time structure:
Current point in time. No historical information.

JSON sample

  "ecommerce": {
    "has_online_payments": False

Enigma refreshes the data twice a month.

100% of Businesses are tagged either True or False, with around 700,000 businesses tagged as ecommerce (“True”).

Data sources:
Third-Party Active Business
Enigma's Card Transactions Panel

Enigma uses a machine learning model to predict whether a business has any payment technologies on its website.

The model combines signals about the business from a range of underlying data sources. For example:

  • Enigma looks at card transaction data for indicators that an online payment technology was involved in a transaction associated with that business.
  • Enigma looks at a company's websites and identifies if there are online payment technologies in use.

Other notes and tips:

You can use this feature along with other merchant transaction attributes (e.g., card_revenue, card_transactions) for marketing and prospecting segmentation/prioritization.

Online revenue share and breakdown is available as a prototype attribute for file deliveries only.