The website(s) associated with the business or business location.

Data file structure (no child attributes):

Column NameData TypeDescriptionExample
websitesstringThe website(s) associated with the

JSON Sample:

"websites": [


Based on businesses that have websites in the real world:

  • TBD - due to our unique blend of website data sources and the centrality of websites for our Entity Resolution process, we believe we have market leading website fill rates.

Based on a representative sample of operating businesses (including businesses that do not have websites)

  • Business: 55%
  • Business Locations: 54%

Data sources:

  • Enigma’s panel of card transactions (website often are listed in card transaction statements)
  • Third party verification services
  • Public online business directories


  • Enigma cleans and standardizes websites (e.g. removing ‘https://’ , ‘www.’), to allow them to be resolved across different data sources
  • For non-marketplace websites, Enigma trims the website after the top-level domain (.com, org, .net)
  • For websites that act as a marketplace or third party services provider for small businesses (e.g. Shopify, Etsy, Gloss Genius, Acuity Scheduling), Enigma preserves the subdomain or subdirectory of the small business’s extended page name (e.g.

Other notes and tips:

  • If a website appears as ‘null’ at the business level, this may mean it is only found in one third- party data source, for whom we cannot share data unless it is also supported by other data sources.
    • We do, however, use the website when we resolve data to businesses.