Business Locations

A business location is a physical address associated with a business. A physical address requires a street address, city, and state at a minimum. The location may represent a site address, a mailing address, or an address where the operating entity is registered with the government. All business location profiles in the Enigma product have an Enigma ID that start with the letter “E”.

How Enigma’s handles various situations involving locations:

Same address, different businesses: There are instances when two distinct businesses share the same location. For example, an entrepreneur could establish two different companies that are both registered under the same address. Another example is when a business leaves a location and a second business takes over that storefront or location. In all of these instances, Enigma will have a separate business location profile for each distinct business at that address. This means that the same physical address could appear in multiple location profiles.

Same address, varying level of detail: When two addresses associated with the same Business have the same base address but with different levels of detail (such as a suite name or floor), Enigma’s system attempts to group them together as a single business location (e.g., Enigma @ 245 5th Ave and Enigma @ 245 5th Ave, Fl 17 are treated as the same business location). Enigma currently displays all of these address variations in the business location profile. In the future, Enigma may just show one address (the most granular address).

Very similar, but distinct address: Enigma also attempts to resolve together two addresses associated with a business that are distinct but in high likelihood describe the same physical establishment.

One example of this is when there are two locations that are adjoining e.g., 245 Main Street and 246 Main Street.

Another example of this is with malls and other multi-establishment locations. Sometimes there is one address that describes the general address of the mall (e.g., 12600 120th Ave NE) and another address that describes the storefront at the mall (e.g., 12601 120TH AVE NE). Enigma attempts to group these addresses together to a single location profile.