KYB-Specific Attributes and Objects

KYB and Identity Attributes are a family of attributes that are used to help financial institutions onboard and monitor their clients over time to meet Know Your Business (KYB) regulations.

Methodology and match precision

The KYB endpoint has industry-leading registration filing fill rates. This is because Enigma is able to successfully resolve operating names and addresses with legal names and addresses via its Entity Resolution systems tying websites, legal entity information, and operating information together. This enables accurate, high-coverage registration filing return rates because any combination of inputs can be combined to return high match.

Typically, Enigma can automatically surface registration filings on over 75% of customer samples. Enigma covers corporate registrations for all 52 states and jurisdictions (including Washington D.C. and Puerto Rico). As of September 2023, Enigma has information on:
~55M inactive registration filings
~41M active registration filings
~10M additional filings


For minimum and detailed request and response examples, please read the KYB endpoint page.


Attributes in the KYB are offered in the following packages.

Identity for basic identity confirmation and understanding risky activity presence.

KYB for conducting the full KYB process and surfacing industry-leading registration fill rates.

KYB+ for additional card transaction attributes for the first stages of underwriting and fraud detection.

The KYB+ package will be available in Q4.

Data sources

  • Registration data is derived from SoS filings enriched with with DBA names, websites, and operating locations of a business to be able to surface the correct SoS filing without perfect inputs.
  • Risk flags data comes from OFAC sanctions watchlist
  • The transaction data is sourced from credit card issuers (as opposed to merchant acquirers or payment processors).
  • Visit this section to learn more about the sources of our KYB and Identity Attributes

File delivery layout

File delivery is only possible for evaluations, not for production deliveries. All production use must occur via the API. To run a free evaluation, please contact our sales team.