Legal Entity

Enigma’s legal entity contains its legal type and, within the Registrations array, the registration filings made by that entity.

In the future, the legal entity may contain information such as Articles of Incorporation, Ultimate Beneficial Owners, etc.

Child attributes:

Column NameData TypeDescriptionExample
enigma_idStringA unique ID for the entity.L000017e91c91
legal_entity_typeStringThe legal form of the entity, e.g. corporation, LLC, etc.Corporation
data_sourcesArray[String]File number of the corporate registration filing of the business.["Corporate Registrations"]
registrationsArray[Object]The entity's US state-level registration filings.See Registrations
  "enigma_id": string,
  "legal_entity_type": string,
  "data_sources": array[string],
  "match_confidence": number,
  "matched_fields": object, // {"field": "value"} for fields that were matched on
  "registrations": array[object]