Attributes Overview

Each profile contains various data points about that business (or business location). Enigma calls each data point an “attribute.”

Attributes fall into two primary categories:

  • Identity and Firmographics:
    Describe the identity of a business
  • Revenue and Health:
    Describe characteristics of the revenue of a business and other indicators of financial health.
  • KYB-specific attributes:
    Describe attributes specific for KYB and compliance use cases.

Many of the attributes in the Revenue and Health category are a family of attributes called Merchant Transaction Signals Attributes. These attributes describe the processing volumes and revenues of businesses who accept credit cards as a form of payment.

Dimension of time

Attributes handle time in three different ways.

Most recent value
Most recent value attributes describe a business as it exists today, and do not have a historical view. Nearly all of the identity and firmographic attributes fit into this category.

Event stream
Event stream describe a series of events that have occurred with that business. Event stream attributes include registrations and business bankruptcy. For example, bankruptcy describes any bankruptcy the business has filed including the data at which the bankruptcy was filed:



Time Series
Time series attributes have values calculated for each month going back in time. The only time series attributes currently are the merchant transaction attributes. For example, the card revenues attribute describes what the monthly revenues of a business were each month going back to 2017.



Attributes at business and business locations

Most attributes exist at both the business and business Location levels. In most cases, the attributes have the same structure and methodology. In some instances, attributes may have different methodologies at business and business location level. For example, Enigma shows every phone number associated with a business location but only shows the single most prevalent phone number associated with a business.

The attribute profile pages will explain any attributes where this is the case.