Enigma KYB collects registrations associated with the business or its location and verifies the legitimacy of businesses from the Secretary of State (SoS) filling. It enriches filings with Doing Business As (DBA) names, addresses and websites where available.

Child attributes (and data file structure):

Column NameData TypeDescriptionExample
issue_dateStringIssue date of the corporate registration filing.2020-04-28
registration_stateStringTwo-letter state code of the US state where the corporate registration was filed.MA
file_numberStringFile number of the corporate registration filing of the business.001435918
registered_nameStringBusiness name as filed on the corporate registration filing.ENIGMA TECHNOLOGIES INC.
jurisdiction_typeStringStatus of the corporate registration filing (‘foreign’ if any state other than the business's home state).domestic
home_jurisdiction_stateStringTwo-letter abbreviation for the state jurisdiction of the business.DE
status StringThe current corporate registration filing status. The status is normalized by Enigma based on SoS data. Possible values are:
active - The business license is active in that state
inactive - The business license is inactive in that state
unknown - the state does not provide business license status
sub_statusStringIf available, the normalized sub-status of the business. Possible values are:
good_standing - State explicitly states that business is in good standing
not_good_standing - Missing payments from the business, other poor behavior
pending_active - In the process of becoming truly active
pending_inactive - Businesses that are active, but are pending an inactive status
unknown - The filing status from the state is not clearly in good or bad standing
null - The filing status is inactive or there is no sub-status provided by the state
status_detailStringIf available, the official filing status message provided by the existence
personsStringThe full name and title of the person (registered officer) associated with the businessName: HICHAM OUDGHIRI Title: CEO, Officer
addressesStringAddresses listed on the corporate registration filing for the business, along with the type of address (site/mailing/registered_agent)Street_address1: 245 5TH AVE.,  
standardized_status (deprecated, to be removed July 31, 2024)StringStatus field indicating whether the corporate registration filing is active or
registration_status (deprecated, to be removed July 31, 2024)StringIf available, the official filing status message provided by the existence

JSON sample:

"registrations": [
  "issue_date": string, 
  "registration_state": string, 
  "file_number": string,
  "registered_name": string,
  "jurisdiction_type": string, 
  "home_jurisdiction_state": string, 
  "standardized_status": string, 
  "registration_status": string,
  "status": {
	  "sub_status": string, 
	  "status_detail": string
  "persons": [
      "full_name": string,
      "titles": array[string]
  "addresses": [
      "type": string,
      "street_address1": string,
      "street_address2": string,
      "city": string,
      "state": string, 
      "postal_code": string,
      "country": string

Data sources and coverage:

  • Enigma sources corporate registrations from the Secretary of State offices for each state/region and covers all 50 states, as well as the jurisdictions of Washington DC and Puerto Rico.
  • As of January 2024, Enigma has information on ~43M active registration filings, ~56M inactive registration filings, and ~11M registration filings with unknown status.
  • A legal entity can file registrations in multiple states. We process all registrations, cross-checking against other Enigma data, to identify roughly ~100M distinct legal entities with associated registrations.
  • Registration statuses are updated bi-weekly.

Other notes and tips

For each individual business query, there is a maximum number of inputs for each field:

  • Up to 2 business names
  • Up to 2 business addresses
  • 1 person name
  • 1 website