Business Bankruptcy

An overview of whether the business has ever filed for bankruptcy, and if it has, the details of the filing (chapter_type, filing date and case number).

Child attributes (and data file structure):

Column NameData TypeDescriptionExample
bankruptcy_flagstringBoolean indicator of whether the business or business location has any associated bankruptcy filings.Yes
bankruptcy_recordsobjectObject containing the chapter_type, filing date and case number of any bankruptcy filings associated with the business.chapter_type: "11",
filing_date: "2020-03-15",
case_number: "2:13-bk-39635"

JSON Sample:

"business_bankruptcy": {
                "bankruptcy_flag": true,
        "bankruptcy_records": [
                        "chapter_type": "11",
                "filing_date": "2020-03-15"
                "case_number": "2:13-bk-39635"
                        "chapter_type": "7",
                "filing_date": "2020-04-19",
                "case_number": "2:14-bk-17090"


  • Business: 100%
  • Business Locations: 100%

Time structure:

  • Event stream. Each bankruptcy is an event.

Data sources:

  • Enigma covers chapter 7 and chapter 11 bankruptcy records.
    • Enigma has bankruptcy filings going back to the 1980s
  • These bankruptcy records are sourced from Public Access to Court Electronic Records


  • Enigma has 100% fill rate on business bankruptcy, with the flag marked as ‘true’ if there are any business bankruptcy records associated with the business or location, or ‘false’ if there are no bankruptcy records associated with the business or location.
    • When the flag is ‘true’, the information about each business bankruptcy record is contained in the attribute.