Operating Status


This attribute identifies businesses and locations that Enigma has identified as having a high likelihood of “operating” in the real world. Enigma defines a business as “operating” if it is actively transacting with customers.

Child attributes and data file structure)

Column nameData typeDescriptionExample
statusStringThe operating status of the business or location - “operating” or “null”.Operating
confidenceStringThe confidence level with which the operating status is assigned to the business or location. Very High or High.Very High

JSON Sample

"operating_status": [
    "status": "operating",
    "confidence": "very high"

Businesses: ~20M identified as “operating”
Locations: ~20M identified as “operating”

Time structure
Current point in time. No historical information.

Data sources
Enigma’s panel of card transactions
Third party verification services
Public online business directories

Enigma defines a business as “operating” (in the real world) if it is known to be actively transacting with customers. We estimate that this status has a recall of true operating businesses of ~70%.

Enigma uses several underlying data sources to determine the likelihood that a business is “operating” - for example, Enigma identifies a business as operating if it has card transactions within the last three months. Other underlying data sources indicating that the business has an active online presence or open retail store are also used as an input to operating status.

Businesses that are uncertain in their operations either in terms of card transactions or an active online presence or retail location, e.g. construction contractors or real estate agents, will have lower recall and may be classified as unknown.

Enigma’s confidence levels are assigned based on which “operating” criteria are met by the business. For example, a business which both has card transactions within the last three months and an active online presence will be assigned "very high" confidence, while a business with card transactions only in the last 12 months and that we do not believe has closed during this time will be assigned "high" confidence. These confidence levels correspond to different levels of expected precision for the operating status, based on a sample of representative businesses:

  • The set of businesses marked operating with "very high" confidence has >85% precision
  • The set of businesses marked operating with "high" confidence (or above) has >80% precision

Hints and tips
This field is useful for identifying marketable businesses for prospecting and marketing
Customers can choose whether to use both confidence levels (for a wider marketing list) or just one (“Very High”) confidence level to ensure higher precision of “operating” for their marketing campaigns