Performing enrichment workflows via the API is a two-step process.

  1. Identifying the right business profile
  2. Retrieving attributes from that profile

As a result, Enigma’s API has two endpoints, each serving those functions respectively.

  1. The Match Endpoint enables a user to identify which of Enigma’s business profile(s) corresponds to a business of interest. A user submits identifying information about a business and is returned a potential list of matching profiles with confidence levels. The result of using this endpoint is identifying an Enigma ID(s) that a user may want to query in the ID Endpoint.
  2. The ID Endpoint enables a user to retrieve specific attributes for a given business profile.

For technical guidance around either of these endpoints, see the API Reference section.

Enigma recommends using the API for enrichment workflows if you are building a full integration and if:

  1. Your application’s concurrent request need is small (up to 50 RPS for matching and 200 RPS for ID lookups).
  2. Your application needs to make very frequent enrichment requests.
  3. You need to programmatically enrich your records.

Try out our API in our Quick Start tool or by hitting the API directly.

Note: Enigma IDs are not persistent over time. While you may find that the Enigma IDs for many businesses and business locations do not change often, we do not guarantee that they will not change.

Historical API Performance

  • Historical uptime is >99.95%
  • Match endpoint latency
    • Median: 660 ms
    • p95: 1100 ms
  • Lookup/ID endpoint
    • Median: 150 ms
    • p95: 280 ms