Tasks are modular building blocks that can be used in a decision making process when reviewing a business. A business can have one or more tasks which explain what Enigma found in our KYB evaluation process. Tasks help you understand whether the submitted business is valid and meets your KYB requirements, or if additional investigation is needed.

task_namestringThe unique identifier for the task
statusstringUsed to signal whether or not the task requires review. Can be either success or failure
resultstringA simplified summary of the more detailed reason (see below)
reasonStringThe detailed reasoning behind the outcome of the task

JSON sample

 "tasks": [
 	 "task_name": "address_verification",
   "status": "failure",
   "reason": "We could not match the input address to any identified address",

Business Name Verification

The name_verification task compares the input query business name to the matched business name and determines whether the names match or not.

name_verificationsuccessexact_matchAn input name and a name we identified match exactly
name_verificationsuccessapproximate_matchAn input name and a name we identified match approximately
name_verificationfailureno_matchWe could not match an input name to any identified name

Address Verification

The address_verification task compares the input query addresses to the matched addresses and determines whether the addresses match or not.

address_verificationsuccessexact_matchAn input address and an address we identified match exactly
address_verificationsuccessapproximate_matchAn input address and an address we identified match approximately
address_verificationfailureno_matchWe could not match an input address to any identified address

Domestic Registration Check

The domestic_registration checks matched company registrations to see whether or not the queried business has a domestic registration in a U.S. state, and if so, whether it is active.

domestic_registrationsuccessdomestic_activeActive domestic filing found
domestic_registrationsuccessdomestic_unknownDomestic filing found but no status provided by state
domestic_registrationfailuredomestic_inactiveInactive domestic filing found
domestic_registrationfailuredomestic_not_foundWe found no domestic filing for the business

Watchlist Check

The watchlist task checks whether the queried business appears on any U.S. government sanctions lists.

watchlistsuccessno_hitsNo hits identified on the consolidated sanctions list (including OFAC)
watchlistfailurehitsX hit(s) identified on the consolidated sanctions list (including OFAC)

TIN Verification

The tin_verification task verifies that the submitted EIN is valid and that it matches the business name submitted.

tin_verificationsuccesstin_verifiedTIN and Name combination matches IRS records
tin_verificationfailureerrorInvalid TIN
tin_verificationfailurenot_completedIRS is unavailable
tin_verificationfailurenot_completedDuplicate TIN matching request
tin_verificationfailuretin_not_verifiedTIN and Name combination does not match IRS records
tin_verificationfailuretin_not_verifiedTIN entered is not currently issued