Self-Service Batch Upload

The Batch Upload feature in the Console allows enrichment workflows to be conducted in a self-service manner without hitting the API directly or interacting with a member of the Enigma team.

This method of enriching a file is recommended if:

  1. You are only looking to enrich records at the business location level, and
  2. You are not looking for any time-series data (if looking for Merchant Transaction Signals data the most recent available month of data is still available), and
  3. The number of records to be enriched is no more than 20k.

Using Batch Upload

To begin, prepare a CSV file containing the following headers:

  • business_name
    This is the name under which the business location operates e.g., Enigma Technologies Inc.
  • street_address1
    This is the primary part of the street address of the business location e.g. 123 South St
  • street_address2
    This is the secondary part of the street address of the business location e.g. apt or suite #
  • city
    The city component of the address of the business location
  • state
    The state component of the address of the business location
  • postal_code
    The zip code associated with the business location
  • first_name
    This is the first name of an owner or associated person
  • last_name
    This is the last name of an owner or associated person

Feel free to use the sample file, which has correctly formatted headers prepared.

Then, populate these inputs for the business locations whose data you want to retrieve.

While it is not necessary to populate all these fields for every business location in your input file, omitting any of the headers will result in an error and an unsuccessful upload. The minimum inputs required for each row are similar to those required in our match endpoint for business locations, at least two of the following three must be provided: business name, address and/or person.

Be sure to check for special characters like quotes or newlines.

Once the file is ready, navigate to the Batch Upload tool in the Console and follow the instructions on the page. Drag and drop your CSV file directly into the modal. Then, select the relevant query parameters. From there, choose your desired premium attributes (if only basic identifying attributes are needed, click "Skip and Submit"). Finally, hit "Submit Batch" when ready.

When a job is in progress, its status will be shown as "Pending" in the Batch Activity tab within the Batch Upload feature. Once the job is complete, you will receive an email containing a link to your output file. Alternatively, you can find it directly in the "Batch Activity" tab and download the result from there.

Later, you can also use the Batch Activity tab to track your batch upload history. You'll be able to see the name of the file you uploaded, when it was submitted, how many rows it contained, which premium attributes were requested, and which query parameters were used. Completed files are accessible to download for up to 1 year - please download completed files if you wish to access them at a later date.