The phone number(s) associated with the business or business location. This is in contrast to the Contacts object, which contains the phone number associated with specific people at the business.

Child attributes (and data file structure):

Column NameData TypeDescriptionExample
phone_numberstringThe phone number associated with the business.+18005102856

JSON Sample:

"phones": [
          "phone_number": "+18005102856"


  • Business: 60%
  • Business Locations: 69%

Time structure:

  • Current point in time. No historical information.

Data sources:

  • Card transaction panel
  • 3rd party verification service
  • Public online business directories


  • Enigma shows all phone numbers, ordered by their prevalence across underlying data sources.

Other notes and tips:

  • The first phone number shown for a business is a helpful tool for identification, or for tracking down a primary contact number associated with the business.
  • Phone numbers for individual business locations are more helpful for contacting those specific geographies.