There are four methods to access Enigma data. Choosing the right one depends on the workflow being followed and the technical requirements of your application:

Depending on the use -case at hand, users typically follow one of two workflows to access Enigma data: Enrichment and List Generation.

Enrichment: A user has a specific business (or set of businesses) that they want additional information about. For this workflow, a user must have identifiers of a business like its name, address, website, etc.

List Generation: A user wants to know about a population of businesses. It could be that they want to know about all businesses in the U.S., or it could be that they want to know about a specific population (e.g., businesses in the retail industry with more than $500,000 in annual revenues).

The table below provides a high level overview of each access method and how it can be used.

EnrichmentList GenerationIdeal Use
APIX Enriching one record at a time
Programmatic integrations into application and underwriting workflows
Batch AppendX * Enriching many records at the same time
File DeliveryX Generating a prospect list
Understanding the behavior of all businesses in a certain population
Search User InterfaceX Researching an individual business
Best for non-technical users