The name(s) associated with the business or business location. The Names attributes cover legal names and “DBA” (Does Business As) names.

This attribute was previously named aliases, and is still accessible under that name for business locations

Data file structure:

Column NameData TypeDescriptionExample
namestringThe name(s) associated with the business.Enigma Technologies

JSON Sample:

"names": [


  • Business: 100%
  • Business Locations: 100%

Time structure:

  • Current point in time. No historical information.

Data sources:

  • Names are sourced from every one of Enigma’s data sources.


  • For business locations, Enigma shows every name variation they see for a business. The names are ordered by prevalence (how frequently they occur in underlying data sources).
    For businesses, Enigma shows only the one name variation. Enigma chooses the most common name across all business locations and underlying data sources.