Lookalike Populations and Scoring

Enigma can provide suggestions for lookalike populations for sales and marketing use cases, and scoring across sales and marketing, risk, and fraud use cases.

Lookalike populations

Lookalike populations require you to provide an initial list of customers or high-value leads, numbering at least 5,000. Based on your high-value list of businesses, Enigma can then find populations within its database of 30M+ small businesses that look similar. These represent the next best accounts for you.

Unlike a traditional market segmentation exercise, Enigma applies machine learning models to all available data to show non-obvious insights, like how the presence of a website or how the year of incorporation, affect the value of a prospective customer.


Scoring enables you to combine your internal data with Enigma’s data to predict a binary outcome variable. Examples of outcomes include:

  • Sales and marketing: High value account, new account conversion, churned account, upsold account
  • Risk: Fraudulent account, delinquent account

Instead of providing a generic score, Enigma creates these scores in collaboration with you. You will need to provide a full and representative sample of businesses for which the outcome occurred for some but not all businesses.

Please feel free to contact your designated customer success manager for more details