Services Used

An attribute indicating which services a business is using to process payments

Child attributes (and data file structure):

Column NameData TypeDescriptionExample
uses_ShopifybooleanWhether the business accepts payments via ShopifyTrue
uses_PayPalbooleanWhether the business accepts payments via PayPalFalse
uses_StripebooleanWhether the business accepts payments via StripeTrue
uses_SquarebooleanWhether the business accepts payments via SquareTrue

We identify the payment technology used for over 700,000 businesses. Some select examples below:

  • 500K businesses using Paypal

  • 400K businesses using Shopify

  • 80K businesses using Stripe

Time structure:
No time series.

Data sources:
Enigma’s credit card panel

Technologies used on company websites

Enigma looks at the underlying transaction data for indicators of which payment technology was involved with a transaction associated with that merchant.

For example, many Toast transactions start with “TST,” indicating the transaction occurred using Toast
Enigma looks at a company’s websites and identifies if there are specific payment technologies in use.